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Worksafe Single Chamber Inflatable Lifejacket

Product Description:

Throughout the EU and many other countries around the world, the laws relating to the Health and Safety of employees are becoming increasingly stringent, especially those laws affecting marine related activities and lifejackets.
The Worksafe provides a versatile lifejacket for the professional working on or near water, in industries such as;
• Water utility companies
• Ship builders
• Harbour and marine construction companies
• Port management companies
• Dredging companies
• Workboat operators
• Bridge construction and maintenance companies
Easy to don and comfortable to wear, this slim, unobtrusive lifejacket can be fitted with a fire proof cover enabling it to be worn while welding.
Key Features:
• Patented interlocking lobe design
• Wide range of options and spares
• High visibility fabric
• Comfortable to wear when working
• 170N and 300N buoyancy options
• ISO 12402

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