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Vapour Klenz FFP3 Disposable Respirator with H2S Neutralisation

Product Description:

FA-60399 – The technically advanced Disposable particulate respirator meets CE European Standards classification EN 149:2001+A1:2009 FFP3 NR D.

Offers High Level Dust/Mist & Metal Fume FFP3 protection filtering at least 99% of airborne particles and contaminates, oil or water-based mists, hazardous pharmaceutical powders, biological agents and fibres, liquid aerosols in concentration up to 50x MAC/OEL/TLV. (MAC=Maximum Admissible Concentration, OEL=Occupational Exposure Limit, TLV=Threshold Limit Value).
International Patent App: PCT/AU2017/051301

Cup Design / Outer Shell Layer

Advanced molecular dispersion outer layer ensures maximum neutralisation contact with granule
• Robust rebound shape retention if crushed
• Easily identified by the industrial Dark Blue colour
• Large filtration area allows for easy stress-free breathing and protection
• Outer Shell has a flexible embossed edge seal that easily contours for the fitting of most safety eyewear, and avoids open exposed layers forming around the edges

Large Exhalation Valve

• Centre Fixed Seal provides efficient reliable exhalation and seal engagement
• Provides stress free breathing reducing resistance, increasing wear time
• Reduces the risk of heat stress
• Reduces fogging when wearing safety eyewear

Additional Features

• Restricts inward leakage
• Provides a Soft Comfortable Positive Face Seal
• Can be hygienically cleaned

• Easily shaped forming a positive seal over the bridge of the nose

• Fully adjustable buckles
• latex free braided head straps
• Restricts inward leakage


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