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SKC-Block Vertical Cable Anchorage System

Product Description:

SKC Key Points:

  • The system is intended to be mounted on ladders, chimneys, towers, masts or buildings.
  • The system serves as protection for 1 person.
  • The system is anchorage device, which complies with the EN 353-1 standard.


Permanent vertical protection system SKC- BLOCK is a guided-type rope grab fall arrester on a rigid anchorage line and it is an energy absorbing and connecting element, according to the EN 363 standard. The SKC – BLOCK system complies with requirements defined by the European Union Directive 89/686/EEC. The general system design is presented by the graphics on the right-hand side. The system is composed of vertical guide line, made of stainless-steel cable of 8 mm diameter (ref. No AC 850). Lower end of the guide is equipped with a stainless-steel tensioner (ref. No AC 910). Upper termination of the line guide is attached to a permanent construction by means of screw type carabiner AZ090 made of stainless steel. The vertical line guide of more than 10m length is equipped with rope guiding element (ref. No AC 921) that protects the line against vibrations caused by wind. The rope grab slider (ref. No AC 350) is a part of personal protective equipment that is installed onto the vertical line whenever protection is needed. The slider moves up and down the line following user’s movement and it blocks itself on the line in case of fall accident, protecting the user.

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