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AC520 Vertical Rail Anchorage System

Product Description:

  • The AC 520 system conforms to EN 353-1:2002 VG11 Rfu 11.073 standard.
  • The system can be used as a ready-to-use ladder with fall protection system for structures without permanent ladder.
  • The system can be integrated with existing permanent ladder.
  • The self-locking trolley mechanism with energy absorber and carabiner, used as a anchoring point, secures against fall from height and allows for resting while climbing the ladder

AC 520 system if a self-locking device with rigid guide designed as energy absorbing and connecting element, according to the EN 353 standard. The AC 520 system complies with requirements defined by the European Union Directive 89/686/EEC. It can be used both as a ladder, or as a rail mounted onto already existing permanent ladder. The system is composed of ladder segments connected to one another and mounted directly to a building and rail segments mounted to already existing ladder. The ladder can be also equipped with access limiting element, designed as door made of stainless steel secured with a padlock (not included within the set). IN order to get access to the ladder, one needs to lift wings of the door, open them and secure in working position. The AC520 system is equipped with asymmetrical rail made of aluminium. Thanks to the asymmetrical rail design the anchoring trolley AC 501 can be mounted only in one, proper way. In order to do that, one has to pull with a single move through the clamp of a segment with end stop element. The protecting trolley is equipped with fabric-made energy absorber, terminated with AX K10 carabiner, used to connect to a front buckle of safety harness protecting against fall from height (conforming to EN 361). Both upper and lower ends of the AC 520 system are made of segments with end stop elements (with locking clamp mechanism). They serve to protect anchoring trolley against accidental derailing. In order to detach the trolley from the rail it is necessary to make two separate movements: unsecure and hold the clamp lock (by pulling the leaver situated at the back of the rail near the segment with end stop element) and pull the trolley through the blocking mechanism removing it from the rail. The vertical rail protection system AC 520 can be used by maximum two users at the same time. While climbing the system, users have to maintain the minimum distance of 3 meters. The system can be mounted to all vertical structures, as well as to other structures whose maximum inclination from vertical direction is lower than 30°. The rail itself can also be mounted to an already installed, permanent ladder. The AC 501 anchoring trolley does not require any other energy absorbing elements. The device can be used in negative temperatures (up to -30°C).

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