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Lalizas 72214 Compact Adult Folding Lifejacket SOLAS

Product Description:

Lalizas 72214 Compact Adult Folding Lifejacket SOLAS. The series of Compact Folding Lifejackets SOLAS fully complies with the new regulations [IMO Resolutions (MSC.201(81), MSC.216(82), L.S.A. Code as amended by 207(81), 218(82); and MSC
81(70), MSC.200(80), MSC. 226(82), MSC. 323(89), MSC. 368(93) & MSC. 378(93)], which are mandatory for all lifejackets used on board EU flagged vessels.
Driven by regulation changes for lifejacket accessibility on cruise ships, and customer demand for reduced bulk and improved storage options, LALIZAS has designed
the Compact lifejacket to best service these needs.

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