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BW IntellliDoX

Product Description:

IntelliDoX, unmatched performance and customization

The IntelliDoX instrument management system combines smart docking modules with Fleet
Manager II software to provide automated instrument management, helping drive productivity, reliability and efficiency.

Place the detector in the docking module, and it automatically tests the gas detector and sensors while transferring data to the docking station.

The IntelliDoX delivers quicker bump tests for better productivity. Bump as many as five detectors in less than a minute. That means no more queues of workers waiting to test their detectors.

Gang up to five IntelliDoX for even greater productivity, each module can function independently, managing fleets of detectors, all simultaneously.

Efficient when networked via Ethernet or stand-alone, transfer data with a USB drive, the IntelliDoX is the solution for easy record-keeping, to transfer bump tests, peak exposures and other gas-detection data.

Compatbile Detectors
• GasAlertMicroClip Series
• BW Clip4
• BW Clip Series
• ConneX1

Standard Package Contents
• One IntelliDoX module with a factory-installed nest for
a compatible portable gas detector, a Single-Inlet Key,
and an attached End Plate

• Integrated retractable stand/wall mount
• Quick Reference Guide
• Operator’s Manual CD

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