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Oil, Chemical Spill & Vapour Response

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Chemical Spill

You have a chemical spill in a lab.  What do you do?  Take out some absorbants and clean up the spill. The absorbants now have to be treated as hazardous waste. 

Fast-Act can be applied to the spill and neutralize the chemical turning it into a non toxic by product.  The result is the clean up can be treated as Non-Hazardous.


Gas Leaks / Gas Vapour

Your gas detector goes off and detects a hazardous or dangerous chemical in the air.  What do you do now that you know there is toxic vapour in the air?  First response is to Immediatly leave the area and alert others.  Normal procedures are to vent the area.  Fast-Act can be deployed and actually neutralize the toxic vapour.  One extinguisher of Fast-Act is able to neutralize a 20' container of space in a short amount of time.  This happens due to the nano-technology that increases the surface area of the molecules by a factor of 10.  Toxins bond to the Fast-Act molecule converting them to a non-toxic by product.

See our Oil, Chemical Spill & Vapour Response below
See our Oil, Chemical Spill & Vapour Response below

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